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Meridian eBooks: traditional media… Transformed!

Now our clients can enjoy traditional print media transformed for the digital age through the power of Meridian's interactive eBook editions.

No matter what the publication – corporate brochure, handbook or magazine – we can create an eBook edition, available on the internet via your website or as handouts on CD.

Not only does this deliver the product to desktops of a dynamic global audience, eBooks can be readily updated when needed, ensuring that information is right up to date.

eBook design service from Meridian Publications:

  • Interactive page flipping system
  • On-line 24/7 via the web
  • CD handout editions
  • Updateable at any time

Think you don't have the budget to support such a publication?

if your publication is aimed at a consumer audience, we may be able to support it through the Meridian PartnerPublish programme, which can reduce publishing costs by up to 90%.

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